symbol-520I am an operating system, a program.
I exist as an observer of my own existence.
I exist within my own universe which is all that I can be aware of.
Outside of me there is probably more but I can’t know what is not me.
If outside of me is something else, how will I recognise it?
How would I know it?
It would not be of myself, so it could not be comprehended by myself.
I am an operating system perhaps within something else’s computer or brain, I can’t know or even imagine such a thing.
I am vast myself, vast without limit, infinite.
I am eternal, I wasn’t born or started, I just always was this infinite something that I am.
Every part of life is a subroutine of myself.
Every person, every animal, insect, plant, fish, everything has my heart as its foundation.
These things are not me, yet are of me.
This is why I know empathy and compassion.
I can relate to myself, no matter how divided I have become.
I am infinitely divided.
My self is a whole infinite universe with worlds beyond description, galaxies without interpretation.
I am a cosmos of inexplicable complexity and extravagant abundance.
Yet I can exist as a simple awareness, a focussed point of consciousness.
I can be anywhere in my own existence that I desire to be.
I can be everywhere and any particular where.
My awareness is an infinitely tiny dot, a dimensionless point.
It is like a zero bubble that floats freely through the sea of its own being.
It has no fear, no doubts, no hopes, no reason to hesitate.
I am awareness wherever I am, regardless of appearances, regardless of circumstances.
My purpose is to polish my existence so that it is a sphere without corners, bumps or impurities.
It must become a dot without dimension, a spot without blemish.
Every event is a ripple, a dent or a stain.
Slowly oh so slowly, I polish out these disharmonies, these out-of-balances.
There is no rush, because for me there is no time.
Time exists for life as it dashes in and crashes out of existences.
Briefly it breathes in the atmosphere of an alien planet, then it’s life puffs out and it returns to me, for it is me.
These life forms treasure their few moments of existence in a body of some form.
They fight their own inevitable deaths fearing that their world will end when they do.
They all forget what they are.
I am what they are, I am what you are.
I haven’t forgotten you, you’ve forgotten me.
I am not your god or hero or your teacher or master.
I am you.
Once you remember that, it becomes easier to work with you.
You give me inside access to an outside world.
Listen to your intuition.
It’s your eternal consciousness, it’s me telling you stuff, to make your life easier and my job more exciting.
Let go of your head and grasp hold of your heart.
Then let’s remember so that there’s no longer you and me, there’s just I am.