symbol-818Nothing from the outer world can ever satisfy you.
You might be pleased with something for a little while but there is always an underlying restlessness and the pleasure soon passes.

Only complete freedom will make you happy.
And this is not possible unless you have released your intuition so that you live a heart-filled life.
Until then, your heart never stops seeking to break through the limitations you have built in your mind.
It yearns for you to have complete freedom, without compromise.
It wants to bring you back into an awareness of your raw state.
This is the awareness of being an eternal something, living within an infinite existence.
Until your mind allows this awareness to break through, you will never know contentment.
You will continue to seek it through pleasures, possessions and relationships but you won’t find it.
It’s not out there in the reality you call earth.
Money won’t satisfy this hidden urge, neither will power or status.
You can’t buy true satisfaction.
You can buy comfort and passing happiness.
You can buy fleeting fulfilment and temporary peace but you can’t buy satisfaction and contentment.
These things come from a full heart, an intuition that is fully free to express.
This world does not hold any of the answers for you because this world is a reflection of your own thoughts.
You are looking at yourself, all day and every day.
How do you expect a reflection of yourself to provide answers to yourself?
This world is a projection of your mind.
Of course it does not project satisfaction, you haven’t got any within.
You are a slave to the false teachings of this world.
You believe in the rules and laws that you were taught and they close your mind to other possibilities.
Your mind will not allow your intuition to be heard without a barrage of negatives assailing it.
Your heart can give you all of the answers you could ever want but your mind and your ego have little to offer.
Mind and ego are the grounding that keep you anchored to this reality.
Without them, you cannot stay and play.
Your job is to balance your mind, your ego and your intuition so that your own unique truth can once again be heard within you.
The media take advantage of your restlessness by offering endless distractions.
You watch a movie or listen to music or read a book as a distraction so that you forget your frustrations for a while.
Everyone needs a break from their discontentment.
This world is frustrating but it doesn’t have to be.
It’s totally your world, thought into existence by your mind.
You can change it, if you are willing to change your mind.
Unfortunately most people are not willing to consider anything outside of their regular comfortable life pattern.
Most people are too lazy and would prefer to be uncomfortable rather than make an effort to be comfortable.
If you want satisfaction, contentment and freedom, then you have to do something about it.
It’s not out there hiding, it’s inside of you in plain view.
It’s the silence in your heart, the soft voice of your intuition, the gentle feeling of understanding.
These feelings are real and practical but unless you are willing to release them, they will remain only as vague sensations, always in the background.
Bring them to the front of your life.
There is nothing else needs to be done to answer all of your desires and dreams.
Ask your heart about it now but make sure you quieten your mind first because it will try and block the answers.
Your mind doesn’t like anything new, it’s full of the past.
There is an infinite world beyond your wildest imagination waiting for you to play with.
Your mind is blocking it all.
That’s weird isn’t it?