symbol-723The darkness is not evil, something to be feared.
Nor is it hiding all manner of scary monsters.

The darkness is potential.
It is unrealised life.
It is opportunities yet to be expressed.
It is infinite in its depth and eternal in its offerings.
The darkness holds peace and quiet.
It is the heart of opportunity and the source of all existence.
The light is darkness realised.
Light is existence made manifest, ideas made real.
The light is darkness after it has been thought about.
It is the reaction to thought in the dark eternal completeness.
Light is thought made manifest, it’s stuff that has already happened.
Seek peace and understanding in the darkness, in the silence and emptiness of the unformed.
You will not find answers in noise.
You will not see the way out of your chaos in the madness of business or in the rigidity of structure.
Only from within the darkness of your own self is there a way out of the demanding confusion that you call normal living.
You need darkness, silence, nothingness to rest in, to reset your values.
You need to stop, to start again.
If you never slow down, you will never give the truth of your own life an opportunity to express.
Everything you feel through your body senses, is in the light of expression.
To get to the heart of life, you need to get back to the emptiness and darkness of unknowing.
You need the silence of no sounds and the emptiness of no ideas.
In the darkness within yourself is the depth you seek.
Occasionally you touch on it in moments of cosmic revelation or divine inspiration or whatever other funny tag you like to give this natural experience.
The heart of hearts of existence is nameless, formless and silent.
It is possibility, potential, unexpressed and unthought of existences.
It has no colour, it is not dark or light, it is nothing and zero.
It is the master of all, yet a willing servant.
Some call it god, some call it the void, who cares, your words can never describe what can only be experienced.
It’s formlessness can be manipulated and twisted in whatever way the observer wishes to take it.
It’s like energy waiting to be formed into atoms.
Atoms waiting to form bricks.
Bricks waiting to be built into a structure.
Structures waiting to form worlds.
The void is a servant to thought.
When the energy of a thought impresses upon it, that idea starts to form a reality.
This whole world is a reality built up by beliefs that have been impressed upon the dark.
This world could change in moments if suddenly everybody changed their ideas.
Those that rule this planet take advantage of the willingness of the masses to believe and to gullibly follow the ideas of others.
The rulers manipulate minds to think the way they want them to think.
Hence the masses are manipulated into thinking an uncomfortable world into being.
It is done through movies, media, music and every form of communication on this planet.
You don’t have to be a part of this craziness.
You can always turn your back on the light and turn to the dark unknown of your own inner self and seek new insights.
Ask your heart about it.
Ask it now!
Think about it, don’t just let another opportunity float down the greasy river of lethargy in your mind.
Turn around, you are facing the wrong way.
Everything you have been told is wrong.
You will only find understanding from within your own eternal and endless true heart.
Ask it.