symbol-670Death is an illusion but you won’t find out because you don’t believe anything that is outside of the ugly, idiotic box of convention.
When you die, you will lose control just like you have with your life.

You will feel as if you are dreaming but your narrow and obstinate mind will not give you the flexibility to understand what is really happening to you.
You will not even realise that you are dead.
You will feel as if you are simply having another vivid dream, thats all and you won’t try and participate consciously because that idea won’t cross even your mind.
Your mind won’t allow it.
You never, ever tried to take control during your life on earth, so it’s certainly too late once your body has died.
You will pass through this dream, vaguely aware of something important happening.
You will sense that choices are being made without your consent and without you understanding anything.
This is much the same as you lived, never taking the time to try and understand what was happening in your life.
You were always too busy or too impatient to find some trivial interest to keep your fickle mind amused.
You were always too afraid to look within and question, in case you discovered something that made you odd and different from the mindless masses that you madly mimicked.
You will pass through your death dream and then tumble into an emptiness, a nothingness, silence just for a short while.
During this time the memories of your wasted life on earth will quickly and quietly slip away.
Everything you thought was valuable will turn into nothing to join the emptiness you have joined.
You will not be frightened because it is a neutral experience, nothing to see, nothing to do and nothing to think about.
After immeasurable moments, for time does not exist in this neutral state, you will start to sense a rhythm, like a far distant drum.
Pum! Pum! Pum!
You won’t realise that it is your new mothers heart because you can’t even remember that you died, you have no idea what’s happening.
Then you will be born.
It has happened time and time again.
Over and over a similar pattern, live, die, live, die and never realise anything.
When you die, you experience something but misinterpret it as dream, so you miss the opportunity to escape from the repetitive cycle of inanity.
Your existence depends upon the state of your mind and if your mind is a like a record that goes around and around and around, so will your lives.
When you die, there will be no god waiting to slap you down because of all your bad deeds.
Nor is there a paradise prepared with tigers that talk and lions that want to play.
Nor is there a band of angels or a bearded fellow on a throne making prejudiced judgements.
Neither will your mother or grandmother or any other favourite relative be waiting for you.
All of these things are fairy tales, superstitions and unfounded fantasies.
The truth is nowhere near as fancy or fascinating.
The truth is disappointing, you are a prisoner of your own mind and if you can’t escape while you are alive, you will have zero chance of waking up when you are dead.
If you want to break free from this tiring and monotonous circle, you had better do something about it now.
Then, when you die you will realise that you do have choices, you don’t have to be the sucker on the silly cycle any more.