symbol-797The earth is held together with some basic and irrefutable rules.
It is spherical, it spins at a certain rate, gravity is the glue that stops it flying apart.

There are many physical laws that it follows.
The world lives within its own system of limits and restrictions that keep it functioning and flexible.
It needs to be flexible because it forever plays host to all manner of strange life forms.
The beings living upon it, determine the way that life evolves upon this world.
It is not determined by the world but by those living upon it.
The world is a closed circuit, defined by laws that are unbreakable by any other life form.
Those living upon it, decide the way that their races grow and their lives develop.
They decide upon the technologies and ideologies that they accept as truth.
Usually, every mental development from growing civilisations becomes a religion that will not permit unbelievers and mockers.
Everything becomes a fixed doctrine, whether it is science, education, government or philosophy.
Rigid rules are soon formulated and unyielding practices are set.
These invented policies set the path of the rise and fall for every civilisation that has ever lived on this planet.
Every consciousness that lives in this world is completely dependent upon its own thoughts.
The future of every group is written in the thoughts of the group.
If you think pink, then life will be pink.
If you think black, it will be black.
Your thoughts are your world.
That’s the nature of life, physical expression follows thought.
Your thoughts are translated to this physical reality according to their intensity.
Your life is your mind made manifest before you, with the world acting as your stage.
This world is the unbreakable backdrop for humanities experiences.
It can be altered but never broken.
Your mind is all powerful in your own life but, there are some things that you can’t effect.
All of the positive thoughts in the world won’t stop the sun rising or the tide changing.
All of the positive thoughts in the world will change the way that your life unfolds while the sun still rises and the tides keep on changing.
Your life happens within this realm, and this realm is the framework that allows it to express as a physical sensation.
The heaviness of this world is its attraction.
The heaviness of gravity and the weight of cause and effect, creates unique situations and unexpected, challenging difficulties in this reality.
It is a demanding existence that must be dealt with while living in an inefficient and fragile body.
Your body is the vehicle you use to travel this existence and it requires a lot of maintenance and constant attention to function.
Your mind determines how well you live.
Your mind also determines how well your body functions.
However, most give up their right to think intelligently and independently.
Instead, they prefer to think according to the doctrines sprouted by their wily leaders.
Almost every person conforms to the mass mind.
This mass mind has been defined by the demands of the artificial hierarchy that humanity has permitted to rule over them.
The mass mind determines how a society lives and how a country forms.
The controllers of the mass mind direct the people and take them where they will.
It is all about mind control in this world.
The strongest minds override the desires of the weaker ones.
So over eons, strange civilisations have risen to greatness only to abruptly shatter when the core beliefs of the masses change.
As soon as this happens new thoughts, bring about new change.
This is why governments, religious groups and educational institutions frantically try to stop you thinking outside of their own belief system.
If the masses suddenly decided that they don’t believe in your system, then your system will collapse.
If you directed a religion and suddenly the followers stopped believing, your religion will collapse.
Every doctrine whether it is philosophical, scientific or political can only survive while there are minds that believe in it.
Beliefs make your life on this world, not facts, not physics and not laws.
Your every thought has power and the way that it expresses is evidenced right before your eyes as your own daily life.
Most of your thoughts are borrowed from those that wish to maintain control over you.
Most of your ideas are nothing but cliches, cleverly placed in your mind so that you think that they are uniquely yours.
You are under constant assault from propaganda generated by every group that wishes to rule over your world.
They need you to think them into existence and to keep them there.
If you stop believing in them, they will vanish.
There are only a few who control the world and they are the ones who know how to move the minds of the masses.
And in the meanwhile, the sun keeps rising and the tides keep changing.
This world does not concern itself with the stupid goings on of whatever race is ruling at any moment.
Even civilisations are only temporary.
They are fleeting fools, lost in their own dreams of self-importance.
Civilisations, races, human beings, animal beings and other beings are all temporary expressions trapped within the mindset of those that control them.
Even a pack of dogs is controlled by the mind of the strongest dog, the leader.
Through the endless ages, it’s a similar dance but always to a slightly different rhythm.
Reality depends upon the quality of the mass mind that is running the show at any given moment.
Don’t be impressed with humanities claims of brilliant progress, outstanding technology and courageous development.
Don’t be caught up in the self-glorying vanities that humanity rejoices in.
Don’t be fooled by progress and claims of innovative technology.
It is a mere spit in the ocean of eternity.
It is nothing to what could be achieved if the leaders were true to their hearts above everything else.
This world has seen an infinite number of scenarios and still there are an infinite number more for it to witness.
It’s not in a hurry because it’s not going anywhere.
It is always the background not the cause.
You are the creator of your own life but you have given up your responsibility and handed it all over to big brother.
You continue to trust the very power that enslaves you.
You put your faith in nasty leaders whom you know have always lied and deceived.
You are a slave to the mass mind.
Isn’t it time you grew up and started to take responsibility for your life, for every aspect of your life, not just the convenient things?
Wake up and act like a responsible human being.
The leaders of this world are running you into the ground and you are applauding and lavishing them with praise as they do it.
Start using your own mind.
Start thinking about your own life.
Start experimenting with your own thoughts.
Ask your intuition for some help.
Quick! Before it’s too late.