symbol-413Imagine that the world was such that you did not know from one moment to the next, what the next moment would bring.
Imagine if you didn’t know from one week to the next, where the money would come from to survive another week.
Imagine if your whole life was a gamble, a constant gamble, no certainties, no guarantees.
Imagine if you could be poor one minute and rich the next and then poor again.
Sound familiar?
Sound like your life?
It doesn’t have to be.
There is an alternative.
The alternative may not sound so attractive at first but think about it.
Imagine a life where all you had to do was follow instructions.
Do this, don’t touch that.
Go this way.
Follow this person or that path.
Save your money or spend your money.
On and on, all day every day, all you have to do is listen and act accordingly.
You don’t have to worry about bills, you’ll know when to pay, you’ll get the feeling to act.
You won’t have to worry about money, you will have enough to do what needs to be done.
This is what happens when you listen to your consciousness.
Your consciousness is an extension of you.
It is you reaching out into all parts of your existence and it is vast.
You are an eternal awareness, you are not your human awareness, that’s only a tiny star in the infinite sky of your being.
When you learn to trust your intuition, you will have to laugh because by then you will realise that it’s yourself you were doubting.
How crazy, you didn’t trust yourself to give you information.
Imagine that you are an infinite floating thing, like a crooked, every-angled spaceship floating in the nothingness of infinite space.
Your are not aware of all of this at one time.
You are aware of only the aspects that you choose to focus on.
However your consciousness is aware of every dot of your existence.
If I decide to stick a pin in you and not tell you where, I am sure you will quickly realise the location.
Your consciousness covers the whole of your body.
Your intuition, your consciousness covers the whole of the infinite something that you are.
It is aware of the whole of your existence so it can warn you and protect you, as well as guide you.
So you can trust it to direct you as you try to make your way through this unpredictable and often disturbing, jungle on planet earth.
You only need to know one step at a time.
As an awareness you set the general direction of your life through focus.
Your intuition guides you through the crooked and crazy streets of life, to ensure that you eventually arrive at your goal.
You will only arrive of course, if you can keep a focus on your goal.
As soon as you waver, so does your direction.
For most people, mere blinking disrupts their focus.
So either your let your ego guide you to nowhere of any value, for that’s all it knows.
Or set your goals and trust your consciousness to navigate for you.
Either way there is a lot of trust involved.
I know which one I’d prefer to believe in.