symbol-669Your body rides you.
You should be riding your body.

You body drives you into trouble
Your body drives you to frustration, to despair, to illness and to confusion.
Your body is a short term thinker and a taker.
Your body has strangled your heart and confounded your mind.
Your body is not intelligent and not capable of driving you into a good life.
It is driven by the ego, a force that is only interested in seeing you uncomfortable.
You should be in charge.
You should be in charge of your life because you are your life.
Your heart, your own intuition should be the guiding force behind your awareness.
Your heart cannot be fooled, it is an infinite something, a cosmic intelligence and the clearest seer.
When you decide to ignore it and instead, listen to the rantings of your mad ego, you are surrendering to the enemy.
When you choose to let your body be lazy, loose and undisciplined, you are forfeiting your future freedom.
You should be riding your body through your life.
You wouldn’t let your car ride you through busy streets, yet you are letting your body do just that, no wonder you keep crashing.
People are overweight, under-exercised and self-indulgent.
These things don’t come from your intuition, they come from the body.
Your intuition knows how to ride a body.
Your body does not know how to ride you.
You have to take control and listen to the directions of your heart.
If you want a better life, you had better make an effort.
If you want to be healthy and happy, you had better help yourself.
Your body is not going to get up and take you for a brisk walk around the block, it’s inherently lazy and prefers procrastination to action.
Your body is not going to refuse to overeat or knock back an opportunity to have too many snacks.
Your body is short-sighted and self-interested.
It has no concern for you, the awareness, you just happen to be living in there with your ego.
To the body, your awareness is of no consequence.
Once the body is in charge, your self-respect goes out the window.
So does your clarity of mind and much of your intelligence.
Instead, it is all replaced by a chattering ego that wants it all for itself.
You should be the driver, not the driven.
You should be the controller, not the controlled.
You should be the leader and not the lost.
Think about your situation and ask your intuition for some guidance.
You either take back your power or remain a driven victim.
It’s always a choice.
You are your world.
There is nothing out there that is not you, what are you going to do about it?
What are you going to do to make it the sort of world that you are happy to live within?
Ask your intuition.
It’s door is open 24/7.
It never sleeps.
It is not holy or special or aloof.
It is not a special messenger from the angels or a sacred gift from one of the big nasty gods.
It can’t be offended, nor can it be coerced.
It is a part of you, an extension of your awareness.
Use it!
You’re a fool if you don’t.