symbol-816Unless you have the whole of life freely available to use as your imagination sees fit, you are not free.
Freedom is not just having enough money to do what you want.

That’s a very narrow, earth-bound view.
Freedom is freedom of the intuition to express openly, clearly and constantly in your life.
Freedom is having your mind empty of rules and laws and reasons why not.
It is about teaching your mind that the rules of the world are nothing to the freedom of the heart.
Most people seek freedom but in a very narrow context.
Many mistakenly seek it in alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, sports…
Anything that becomes an obsession is a misguided attempt at freedom.
People go to foreign countries and meditate, hoping that’s where they’ll find it.
Some climb mountains to seek solitude, thinking they will experience it there.
Some opt out of society and try and live without money and worldly goods.
None of these things lead to a simple and free life.
There are complications and limitations associated with every earthly attempt to escape the madness of the world.
You cannot find freedom if you seek it while still in prison.
This world is a prison of your own making.
Until you are willing to listen to your intuition and break some of your barriers, it will remain a prison.
Your own belief system has robbed you of your freedom.
Your own ideas built the restrictions that surround you.
It was not the government or any of your relatives or your job.
Your own mind is the culprit.
All of the stories you’ve taken on board since birth have built walls, blocks and restrictions in every direction you turn.
These limitations are all within you.
You are the one that accepts ideas and then decides that they are true.
Nobody can force you to believe anything.
If your mind believes in a rule or law or limitation, then you will be blocked by that idea no matter how much logic and bravado you might put up.
Your beliefs always override your rationality.
Your own mind is like a computer that gathers information to help you through your life.
It accumulates all of your experiences and all of the stories you believe, to create limits within your world.
Your mind takes away your freedom, not because it is mean but because you told it to.
You told it what you believe and anything outside of that can’t be real.
Everything you think is added to your storehouse of past experiences.
And if there is a conflict, then the newest idea will have to work hard if it wants to survive.
The longer you hold an idea in your mind, the more firmly it is entrenched.
If you were brought up with strict dogmatic parents or in a tough religious environment, then your mind will continue to block you every time you try to think freely.
Your mind can become a battleground when you truly decide that you want to set your heart free.
All manner of rational and sensible beliefs will rise and attack your urge to be free.
You have to get past your own mind if you want to understand freedom.
You have to teach your mind that it can let go of your past ideas for they were only steps along the way and not the destination.
Every single person in this reality is a slave to the limitations of the physical laws that control life.
They don’t have to be slaves but their beliefs are entrenched in their bodies and taught to their minds incessantly.
At heart, every single living thing is an eternal something, living within an infinite existence and free to create whatever sort of world their heart desires.
However, they have forgotten and only believe the stories that those in power stifle their imaginations with.
You can be free if you want, it is up to you.
Ask your heart about it because there is no person on this planet can tell you your own personal truths and show you your own personal path.
Living as you are now is unnatural, you are an innocent prisoner of somebody else’s belief system.
It’s only natural that you should be free.
Your hold the keys to your own freedom.