symbol-526You are the only one who cares.
The world does not care.
Corporations and institutions don’t care for anything but money.
The government doesn’t care as long as you have submitted to their shonky wisdom.
You might think that you can make this a better world.
You might think that saving a few plastic bags rescues the planet.
You might think giving money to help the hungry makes a difference.
Everything is way beyond your influence.
This world has been hijacked by an ugly machine, a heartless construct that is way more intelligent than humanity and is slowly bringing about the destruction of the planet and total slavery of its inhabitants.
All of the CEO’s of the world, the industry leaders, the bankers and politicians have sold out to it.
They willingly create laws and regulations that lead the world into darker days.
The masses are given a few electronic trinkets to play with.
They are overwhelmed with low grade entertainment.
Distractions keep them from questioning the direction that the world is taking.
If anyone gets too strong, too influential against the dark powers, they conveniently have an accident or drug overdose and disappear.
You cannot make a difference to the world.
That is your ego, your vanity talking.
It constantly whispers lies into your cluttered mind, giving you an inflated sense of self-importance.
You are only something in your own little world.
And then only if you learn to listen to your intuition.
There are no answers out there.
It’s futile to rescue the monkeys or to feed the rhinos or to save the whales, when there is a huge callous and greedy monster intent on destroying them all.
There is no answer in the outside world.
The best you can do is to listen to your own intuition.
Then you will do what you can do naturally and effectively, on a silent scale that is so vast, you probably won’t even realise what you have achieved.
It may not be earth-shattering or world-changing but it will be the only answer for you.
Trust your intuition, instead of getting swept away with the emotional hype that big brother incites.
Get your own act together first and then see what unfolds.
But really, why am I telling you this?
I don’t care!