symbol-466There is no part of your world that it is out of control.
There is no fate that can override your world.
You are your whole world.
Everything in it, including the disasters, mistakes and embarrassing moments are a part of you.
There is no outside god who can select you personally and load you down with a burden too heavy to carry, a fate too great to bear.
You will never be a chosen one, selected to carry some sort of divine word out to the world.
Because there is no outside power to select you.
There is nothing outside of your world.
You have not been selected by fate to do anything, why?
Because you are fate, you are the decider of your future.
You decide by your choices.
If you want to save the world and decide that is your fate, then that is the direction you will tend to go.
It doesn’t mean you achieve your purpose, it just means you will make decisions, consciously or otherwise, always in that burning direction.
You probably will never arrive and probably you will spend a life in frustration, but the goal was your choice, nobody chose it for you.
You might have a dream where a divine entity appointed you as a savior or a messenger or a master in the making, but dreams are easy to misread.
In fact very few dreams are interpretable.
It’s easy to pick a random dream and focus your hopes and fantasies on that one vision.
Of course you conveniently ignore the thousands of other not-so-glamorous dreams.
That’s like picking up a dictionary, opening it up at a random page and then naming your baby after the first word you finger drops upon.
It’s too bad for baby Xenophobia, she has to live with your madness for the rest of her life.
Perhaps she will learn from your mistake and when she’s older, Xenophobia will lightly dismiss all of her dreams as equally strange, instead of picking her favorites and becoming obsessed over them.
You are not here to save the world.
You might be here to interpret the world in your unique way and then share it to those who are interested, but you are not born with a clear fate stamped on your forehead.
You determine your fate.
I suppose Xenophobia could always change her name when she got older to something more acceptable like Spot or Daphne-Violet-Rosebud, even if only to show her idiot parents that she controls her own fate.
You can relax now, knowing that you won’t suddenly be called away from the dishes to take on a mighty quest against the dreaded Iceberg King in the far North.
If you don’t want a fate like that, then don’t think about it.
I said, don’t think about taking on a mighty quest against the dreaded Iceberg King in the far North.
The more you think about it, the more likely it will become your future.
The far North is very cold, you don’t want to go there.
If you want to control your fate, then you have to learn to guard against wayward thoughts in your mind.
That’s why the dreaded Iceberg King ended up in the far North, he was washing dishes one day and he got to thinking about fate.
At least that’s what he told me when I met him on my quest.
By the way, he ended up marrying Xenophobia.
Oops sorry, I mean Daphne-Violet-Rosebud.