symbol-679Reality is not what you are looking at.
What you see before you is a shadow of reality.

It is the effect of reality, the aftermath, a result of the thoughts that created it.
Reality is the thoughts that created what you see before you.
Reality is not whole.
Reality is shattered, your beliefs assemble it.
Your beliefs bring together isolated ideas and hold them together as a believable reality.
What you perceive as a physical world only exists because you believe in it.
Your foundation in this life is a solid belief in the earth and its laws.
The earth is not solid naturally, your beliefs make it so.
Your belief in it and all of its physical laws is what makes it appear to be solid.
The laws that science and governments worship are fabricated.
They are not absolute truth in any way.
Laws are like ice from a glacier.
Ice taken from the mass can be shaped to suit any design or personal theory.
This shape is then called a theory or even a law but it is all ice, all from the quantum nothingness.
The ice shape is believed to be a representative of the true shape of reality.
All shapes are reality, not just the ones you believe in.
It is all ice from the same source, taking on different forms as you wish.
Reality is the result of thought, it is not fixed, rigid or set in a magical cosmic pattern.
The thoughts you believe in, create this world and all of the laws associated with it.
The laws are as flexible as thought.
If you did not believe in this world, it wouldn’t be here in your reality.
Your logical and rational brain tells you that what you see is real and driven by laws.
Reality is only made logical through your logical thinking.
Your thinking makes it logical or illogical.
It is only made substantial because of your rational ideas.
You have made this physical reality through your faith in cause and effect.
You have made your world through a faith in logic and structure.
It is built upon the ideas that have been crammed into your memory, your belief system.
You can’t break this memory, it is too deeply rooted in your unquestioned assumptions about life.
Your beliefs are your rock of existence.
If anybody dares question them, you fire up like an erupting geyser.
They are the justifications for your little life, how dare anyone question them.
Yet, they are the very reason that you find life so frustrating.
They are the reason that you are trapped in a world that forever demands more suffering.
Your beliefs are your prison walls.
Before you assemble reality so that it conforms to your belief system, it looks like a field of odd shapes and colours, floating in space and unrelated.
It is like a mix of assorted patterns and shapes, filled with potential.
These are ideas waiting to be actualised.
Your mind takes these and assembles them into a coherent oneness that makes sense to you.
You call this physical life.
You only see your life.
You assume others see the same.
How could they?
They are not you and every mind is filled with its own unique mish-mash of thoughts.
What would happen if you were able to get to the core of your belief system and replace it with your personal truth, the truth from your intuition?
What would it be like if you suddenly remembered what you are and why you are here?
You are an immortal awareness, trapped in a world that continually recycles its inhabitants so that they forever yield anguish and frustration, the energy that big brother feeds off.
What would you remember if you suddenly woke up to your own truth?
You would vaguely recall that you came here to save your world.
You are here to remember and to nudge life with minor adjustments of truth.
You are here to change the future, to tweak the present a little here and a bit there, so that life in the far future will be free again.
You are not here as a saviour or a wise leader.
You are not meant to lead the masses to salvation or the world through revolution.
You are simply here to tweak life a little here and there by refusing to compromise your heart.
You are here to express your true heart.
Nothing else.
You are here simply to be true to your heart and to express your intuition as fully as possible.
Only then will you make the right moves at the right time.
And you might never know when and where these occurred.
All you have to do is quietly be true to your heart and let the rest of the world do its own crazy dance.
You have nothing to worry about, there are bigger minds than yours at work on freeing the masses.
Thank goodness that’s not your problem!
Now sit quietly for a while and really get to know your own heart.
It would be terrible if you came all of this way and forgot to do what you came for!