symbol-629The whole concept of earth is misunderstood.
Earth is a mental construct, a virtual reality, a place to experience physicality and adventure.
It lures and seduces beings that are attracted by its extravagant beauty, marvellously intricate patterns and countless exotic lifeforms.
Its young are irresistibly cute and its strong are awe-inspiringly powerful.
Its fast are fleeting and the mammoth are amazing.
Visually it is a sensually stunning world to be immersed within.
Practically, it is a voracious monster lying in wait to see you eat or be eaten.
It is a vicious world where no mercy is spared for the prey and all predators eventually become prey themselves.
Humans are taught to worship mother earth.
You will not like this, but she is not worthy of being called ‘mother’.
She has too many harsh and indifferent ways to deserve the name ‘mother.’
This is the opposite to what you have been taught.
She is not at all a soft and nurturing mother.
She is both the hunter and the hunted.
Nature is the chase and the chased without mercy.
She is innocence and the sharp teeth that destroys it.
Nature has no favourites in her menagerie of kill or be-killed inmates.
Humanity was caste into such a place to play a cruel and heartless part in her hunger games.
You are here to feed her insatiable need for negative emotions.
Your suffering is her satisfaction.
Your fears feed her heart.
Your suffering fills her fat belly.
Your vision of her wonders is a truth but these things hide the real reason for her being host to such a vast range of life forms.
She is a spider playing with emotional life of the planet in her web.
Every living thing is fearful of suffering pain and losing its life.
You have been trapped within your own mind.
It is a knotted web of confusion and craziness.
It seems that there is no escape.
Bad luck and disaster plague almost every person on this world.
Some fair better than others.
Those who bow down to her are her eyes and ears and they work to help her keep the rest in submission.
Those who like to inflict pain and hardship are her limbs and feeders.
Those who lust after power are her tasters.
Her alluring face hides a cold, cold heart.
Her smile is breathtakingly beautiful, but usually only from a distance.
Get too close to nature and she loses her attractiveness.
Nature prickles, bites, freezes, burns and sends a thousand other discomforts to the naked human left under her carelessness.
Nature is a mean monster.
This whole world is her teeth.
Your mind is trapped in her clutches.
Your ego is her insidious voice.
It forever misleads and causes you upset.
You can only escape by refusing to listen to anything but your own intuition.
Everything else is a trick, a trap and a fools promise.
Your mind is under siege constantly and by the very thing that you probably admire the most, mother nature!
Take another long look at what is happening within your head, it is not healthy and it is far from freedom.
You have a problem, you need to talk to your intuition about it now.
Don’t listen to your ego telling you that this is stupid.
It will repeatedly lie and tell you the opposite to truth.
You are not a slave to any world unless you believe it is so.
At the moment you are trapped on planet Earth because you believe it is so.
You have forgotten that you are an infinite something that got trapped in a mind, by an over-powering and ever-hungry conniving ego.
Nature has no intention of ever letting you go.
You have to find your own way out.
Ask your intuition because there is a way that is natural and comfortable for you.
It just takes a little consistent effort, that’s all.
Over and over again get used to trusting your own intuition.
This is your only chance.
At the moment you are living and sleeping with the enemy and there is no escape.
Start listening to your intuition and you will find that you will slowly and silently slip out of her clutches and she will never notice your absence.
Then you can start to build a new world that is perfectly comfortable for you.
Then you can express freely, the magnificent infinite something that you truly are.